Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC

19886 Ashburn Road
Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: View Phone Number703-724-3800
Fax: View Fax Number703-724-3867

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Company Description:

More airports are choosing TSA-approved Designated Aviation Channeling from Telos ID. With Telos ID DAC, you can reduce insider threats with Rap Back; expedite on-boarding of new personnel with real-time and combined criminal history record check (CHRC) and security threat assessment (STA) submissions; ensure data integrity by eliminating duplicate or erroneous data; ensure compliance by leveraging Telos ID’s aviation security policy expertise; and increase readiness with initial and recurrent training.  You’ll eliminate the use of spreadsheets that can expose personally identifiable information (PII), and enjoy 24/7/365 customer care. There are no up-front payments and no hidden fees. Join our 80+ aviation partners who enjoy increased security, data integrity, cost savings, and time savings. Switch to the Telos ID DAC today.

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