Marshall Retail Group

Roderick I. McOwan
3755 W Sunset Road Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Phone: View Phone Number702-385-5233

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Company Description:

The Marshall Retail Group is America’s largest, independent specialty retailer in the Airport and Casino-Resort Marketplace. For over 60 years, MRG has provided clients with a portfolio of attractive, successful brands that turn passengers and pedestrians into window shoppers, window shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal, repeat customers. This premiere retail development company currently operates more than 70 stores in 16 Airports and 180+ stores in total across the United States and Canada.

We operate a portfolio of high-revenue-generating stores and memorable brands, well-positioned to attract and accommodate the needs of the traveling public, visitors and local residents in all of our locations.

Building on our experience and expertise, MRG’s successful foundation is all based on day-to-day operational delivery within the latest news, convenience, gift & souvenir, fashion, and specialty markets. Retail! It’s all we do.


A sense of place by maximizing local participation;

Opportunities for our ACDBE partners and MRG to learn and grow from each other;

The finest facility design and merchandise mix;

Consistently phenomenal award winning customer service;

Exceptional levels of financial returns to all of our Stakeholders.


MRG and our partners are completely focused on driving revenue and that starts with the right design, operational flow, appealing product range at the appropriate price level, backed up by logistical support and phenomenal service.

We consistently drive traffic and revenue through delivering all of the aforementioned skillsets on a consistent basis in all of our locations. Nationwide, we strive for continued growth and success, well beyond the first year of operation. We do this by partnering the merchant and operational teams and taking continuous learnings from the customer and how they react/respond to the product offer.

Not being content with a cookie cutter, homogenous approach to the assortment, we constantly challenge, enhance, develop and modify the product offer and measure this against strict sales per square foot productivity targets for the store teams, ensuring that we’re giving customers a refreshing and exciting assortment. Bringing this knowledge, we believe that we can maintain a fresh approach to  the convenience category to generate up to a 60% increase in business in the first year, followed by continued growth in the ensuing years as we build on the assortment to satisfy the traveler’s needs.

From our unique insight into customer behavior and purchase motivations that we have gained from our extensive base of retail operations across the country, we support growth in our operations through enhanced retail systems that allow us to align and maximize productivity opportunities. Our advanced StoreForce traffic counting software monitors customer movements and correlates that with transactions, providing management with objective data on their success in converting browsers to buyers. Over time this maps to peak traffic periods guiding the manager to schedule staff to maximize sales opportunities - the right number of staff and the right time. The impact of this has been seen in similar trading environments, where we are seeing an 84% conversion rate of potential customers to buyers.

Our Vision Statement

To Create Unique Retail Experiences and become the industry leader in the news, convenience and specialty retail arena by delivering a quality product and excellent value for our customers in an inviting environment with phenomenal service and exciting merchandise.

Our Mission Statement

Marshall Retail Group believes that its strength lies in creativity and dedication. We believe that in order to create and achieve these fundamentals, we must develop top notch talent, diversify our organization into new markets and deploy new operational structures that will enable the Company to pursue new levels in the specialty retail industry and continue as an industry leader.

Marshall Retail Group will earn and maintain the goodwill and respect of its customers and employees through integrity and leadership in all aspects of our business. We will assemble and train teams that are skilled and diverse. We will ensure that our employees understand that the key to our success lies in the value we place in them as respected members of this organization. We believe experience and commitment leads to excellence.

Our Core Values and Culture

Achievement - We reward hard work, dedication, and healthy competition to make sure that goals are set and results are achieved. We give our employees the tools and support necessary to enhance and promote personal and professional growth. 

Creativity - We encourage a workplace environment that promotes initiative, innovation, and creativity.

Integrity - We believe in honoring all of our commitments to each other, our business partners, our customers, and the community.

Respect - We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual as well as cultural diversity. We honor one another in all that we do, without politics, judgment, or unfavorable behavior.

Challenge - We purposefully engage others to consider what could be: by encouraging them to “think outside the box” and to create positive and sustainable change.

Collaboration – In order to achieve organizational efficiency, profitability and a thriving morale, we strive for organizational unity and embrace innovation and new ideas, through open communication and feedback. We partner with our employees and our internal departments working as a team to maximize success.

Product Information:
Speciality Retail
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