Xovis AG

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Company Description:

Swiss-based Xovis is the market leader in queue and people flow measurement. More than 65 international airports count on Xovis to measure KPIs such as queue lengths, waiting times and passenger throughput. Based on the gathered real-time data, airports optimize the use of infrastructure and the planning of resources to improve passenger experience and increase passenger satisfaction.

Long queues and waiting times upset passengers and make airports lose money. People that wait more, spend less. Active and accurate queue and people flow measurement prepares the ground to tackle the issue and hence boost revenues.

The Xovis system combines 3D sensors with software solutions and stands out with unmatched accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. One sensor covers up to 1100 sq.ft. and can be mounted from 7.5 to 130 ft. high, accommodating the architectural conditions of any airport. The software connects an unlimited number of sensors to cover very large areas. Receiving data streams from the sensors, the software calculates and visualizes the measured KPIs in real-time. Web and mobile clients are also available.

The direct image processing on the sensor and the Mean Time Between Failure of 25 years keep the total cost of operation low. The system includes a sophisticated data privacy concept. Unlike other technologies, the Xovis system does not depend on signal emitting devices.
Founded in 2008, Xovis has evolved from a three-man start-up to a high-tech company with more than 80 employees. The US office is in Boston, MA.

Product Information:
Passenger Terminal Consultants
Terminal Equipment
Information Systems
IT and Communications
Security Surveillance
RFP Automator
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